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the poker how to is a weblog (blog) run by Henri Junttila and Dan Pickering aimed at those interested in poker and helping you see what it is like to be a professional online poker player. You will find:
  • A library of useful articles for poker enthusiasts. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of poker and how to improve your poker game and make more money doing it, even if it is only for fun.
  • Fresh content is added regularly, examples would be how-to instructional articles, hand analysis of actual hands played and what is going on in my head and my personal evolution as a poker player.

Who is Henri Junttila?

thepokerhowto.com content is produced partly by Henri Junttila, a young professional online poker player from Northern Scandinavia (lives in both Sweden and Finland). Henri has been playing online poker since 2004 and made a full time income playing poker since. Henri operates from a home office or a laptop while traveling. He draws on his experience and passion for poker to teach others how to improve their poker game by reading the articles and tips on this blog. You can learn more about Henri and exactly what he does by reading the articles below:
  • Learn all about Henri by reading his Life Story

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You can also contact him through skype by searching for his name “Henri Junttila” and clicking on the one that is from Sweden, if you have trouble knowing exactly which of he Henris to choose then his account name is wuarhg.

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