I Thought I was Dead! – I Love Pot-Limit Omaha — the poker how to

This hand came up a few minutes ago while I was playing Pot-Limit Omaha. And I am still learning the game so my advice would be to not necessarily play like I do (yet). I am pretty sure my hand was correctly played, I will give my thought process and equity calculations later on.

Let’s get to the hand, my pre-flop call could have been a little on the loose side. Although my hand does play pretty well against AAxx which I think the small blind has here, and the big blind seemed to be a pretty weak player so he could have had a wide range of different suited cards or even a hand like KKxx or QQxx and if he has a hand like that then my equity is slightly +EV hot and cold pre-flop, that means I could get it in pre-flop here and win in the long-run but it would be a marginal play at best.

My reads on the players:

Small Blind: Too loose and too aggressive, will stack off lightly. I have tangled with him and gotten the best of it so there is an outside chance he is sick of me.

Big Blind: Bad loose player who calls too much, haven’t played much with him so no further reads.

Now, It’s 4-handed $0.50/$1.00 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi. I am dealt
Qheart-3391903 Jheart-3391903 9diamond-1123314 8heart-3391903 and I pot it to $3.5 Under the Gun (also cut-off in a 4-handed game), the button calls, the small blind pots it to $15, the big blind calls (who has less than a buy-in) and I decide to call. I have a good multi-way hand and I have position so that helps me a bit but not much since the pot has been bloated.

The flop brings Kspade-8239233 Theart-3391903 2heart-3391903

Giving me a wrap and a flush draw. The term wrap is used when you have several straight draws, which I have here. I have the J9, QJ, Q9, that means I win by hitting a 9, J, Q or A (assuming the best) and I also have my flush draw, but it could be crushed by a higher flush draw. I am almost 100% that the small blind has some kind of AAxx hand which are usually played hard pre-flop in Pot-Limit Omaha and rightly so because they often have a nice equity edge.

Consider my hand Qheart-3391903 Jheart-3391903 9diamond-1123314 8heart-3391903 vs. say Aspade-8239233 Adiamond-1123314 Kheart-3391903 9spade-8239233 on that same Kspade-8239233 Theart-3391903 2heart-3391903 flop

My equity is actually 62% to win here, so I am a favorite. With that said, let’s get back to the actual hand.

The small blind now pots it $60, the big blind calls all-in for his last $58.95 and I decide to push all-in for $124.85. The small blind calls $64.85 and we’ve got a three-way all-in pot.

The flop Kspade-8239233 Theart-3391903 2heart-3391903 (so you don’t have to scroll up or anything)

The small blind shows Adiamond-1123314 Aspade-8239233 Kdiamond-1123314 Tdiamond-1123314
The big blind shows Kheart-3391903 Tspade-8239233 8diamond-1123314 6heart-3391903
I have Qheart-3391903 Jheart-3391903 9diamond-1123314 8heart-3391903

And I am actually not happy at all to see that the big blind has a higher flush draw than me, but I knew it was definitely a possibility. I still have my wrap though!

Turn comes Qspade-8239233 giving me a straight

River is 8club-5781512 and I scoop the whole pot which was $368.65, an almost 4 buy-in pot which I am satisfied having shipped to my residence.

Now, during the hand I thought I was totally screwed because my flush draw was no longer. I calculated my equity afterwards and these are the numbers I got from the twodimes calculator.

The small blind Adiamond-1123314 Aspade-8239233 Kdiamond-1123314 Tdiamond-1123314 12.91% to win, 25.83% to tie
The big blind Kheart-3391903 Tspade-8239233 8diamond-1123314 6heart-3391903 28.23% to win, 25.83% to tie
Me Qheart-3391903 Jheart-3391903 9diamond-1123314 8heart-3391903 33.03% to win

And do you know how much equity I need in a 3-way pot to break-even? 33.333%, so it turned out to be a break-even play even though I ran into a bad spot where one of my opponents had a higher flush draw.

Remember, I was a favorite in the side pot versus the aces so it turned out O.K even though I thought I was in bad shape. Just goes to show you how important it is to go through and analyze your hands after you’ve played them and spot any mistakes.

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