Huge Wins — the poker how to

Ran really hot today…


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I won a fair amount of pots without the goods, but today was one of those great days where I flop set over set, hit the nuts vs top2, etc, and just repeatedly stack people.

Also, one maniac at my table doubled me up twice, most notably for ~$1600 at 5/10.

He raises from the CO to $35, I 3bet to $150 with AA since he will call reraises light and we are deep.

I bet $200 into ~$300 on the flop (QT6r) and shove when he raises to $525 – he calls with a bare gutshot for over 160bbs! Fortunately he doesn’t hit(~18% chance) and I scoop a nice $3200 pot.

It wasn’t all easy though, I dodged a set by folding an overpair vs an aggressive flop c/r, and managed to fold a split 2pair vs a set in another hand. Saving bets is as important as earning them!

This $11,247.50 day was awesome. It ended up being over $2600/hr, crazy!

I do have to pay taxes at the end of Dec though, that’s going to be a bit painful after all this! icon_smile-1425586